Exceptional Instruction that Inspires Our Students

How lucky for me that I was introduced to Arun for guitar lessons!  He has been providing guitar lessons  for me at my rural acreage.  This is not only extremely convenient for me, but it allows me to learn in the comfort of my own home – within my element.

When I first decided to learn guitar, I  thought I would just be giving something new a try.  I never dreamt  that I would become so inspired to learn.  There is no doubt in my mind that my inspiration has been sparked by Arun’ s generosity of his knowledge, talent, expertise and passion for music.  What a fun learning adventure this has become!

Arun is conscientious,  friendly,  fun, down-to-earth, positive, encouraging, challenging and patient;  all wrapped up with a great sense of humour.  I really get the feeling he wants me to succeed; and when I do  –  it genuinely feels like he is celebrating right along with me.  I honestly, always look forward to my weekly lessons.   They can’t come soon enough.

How grateful I am to have such a wonderful guitar mentor.  Would I recommend  guitar lessons from Arun?  Absolutely Yes – in a heartbeat! I really cannot imagine lessons from anyone better!

Rachelle Saybel
April 2017, Strathcona County

Arun began teaching our son when he was nine. Our son was new to guitar and so were we. Thankfully, Arun’s patience helped when guiding us through the process of preparing our son for his lessons. He helped steer us through the sometime confusing world of guitars, guitar picks and quality resources. Our 11-year-old son continues to look forward to Arun’s arrival, which is a testament to Arun’s ability to garner positive relations with our son. Arun’s gentle, yet fun-loving nature intertwined with his deep knowledge of music theory, and years of practical experience have helped him teach our son so that he now has the confidence to pick up his guitar and play many different musical forms and styles. Our son views Arun as a mentor as much as a music teacher. We enthusiastically recommend Arun as a guitar teacher for anyone.

– Jon B.

As a former student of Arun Bhaumik, I can directly attest to his musical knowledge, skill, and passion. I first started receiving lessons from Arun when I was a shy and awkward thirteen-year-old kid. I knew nothing about music, outside of what I heard on the radio, and was incredibly anxious about learning to play guitar. However, through Arun’s lesson model, teaching experience, skill, and personality, my anxiety was swept away and replaced with a passion for music that still exists today. By implementing an experience where I could enjoy learning guitar from the familiarity of my own house on a schedule that was flexible to my availability, I didn’t have to worry about a weekly trek to a music studio or have to sacrifice my own extracurricular activities. Additionally, by having lessons occur within my own house, I felt immediately more comfortable and secure which reduced my anxiety and bolstered my confidence. During lessons, Arun went out of his way to tailor sessions to my own personality and interests, which made the learning process both fun and gratifying, while still being instructional. Similarly, despite me being just a young kid, Arun treated me with patience and respect. Arun listened intently to what I had to say and never once dismissed my concerns, ideas, or desires, as foolish or idiotic, and instead encouraged me to be passionate and to try new things. In turn, this built and fortified my trust and admiration for Arun as both a teacher and as a friend, ensuring my willingness to listen to his instruction, and my commitment to learning more about music. Six years later, I credit Arun as someone who was formative in fostering in me an excitement and appreciation for music, a talent that has opened up many doors of opportunity, and an attitude of both confidence and open-mindedness. In my experience, Arun went beyond what was expected of an instructor, and instilled in me both a love for music and guitar, as well as deeply rooted values that have continued to shape who I am as an individual.

– Wyatt L.

We are now enrolling In-Home Lessons.

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